The Book

Taming Change with Portfolio Management

Taming Change with Portfolio Management is a powerful presentation of the cutting-edge discipline of portfolio management applied to organization-wide change events. The most effective leaders approach change as a powerful force to be anticipated and leveraged. They tame change by managing it in a comprehensive and systematic way. Portfolio management offers proven tools and techniques to unify how an organization harnesses the power of change to create measureable value.

Taming Change begins with an introduction to the relentless change that impacts our personal and professional lives. It then provides practical steps to effectively use your organization's capacities to meet the dynamic demands that it faces. Finally, it provides the tools and advice you need to confidently implement portfolio management in your organization.

With more than 50 years of combined industry experience, Pat Durbin and Terry Doerscher have collaborated on this 352 page book of management expertise and practical guidance, brought to life with more than 60 illustrations. While hundreds of books have been written about various portions of the portfolio ecosystem, this is the first book to address organization-wide change management. Get your copy of this take-action guide to harnessing the power of change with the cutting-edge discipline of portfolio management.

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