This page provides value added content referenced within the book that readers of Taming Change can download, as well as other relevant resources for those responsible for managing the cycle of change within their organization.

Updated 2010 PMO Trending Survey Results Released
The last two years posed interesting challenges for PMOs -- due in no small part to the economic downturn and how the organizations they support responded to it. How did PMOs fare? What has been their most significant change in the last two years? What does the future hold for PMOs?

Streamlining Change at the Speed of Business: Are You Ready to Surf the Next Wave of Innovation? (PDF: 195 KB)
Online PDF reprint of an article published in the January 2011 issue of The Journal for Quality and Participation
By Terry Doerscher

Portfolio Management Sharpens Business Reaction (PDF: 383 KB)
Online PDF reprint of an article published in the July/August issue of Industrial Management Magazine
By Terry Doerscher

Project Portfolio Management Explained
The Project Management Podcast™ with Cornelius Fichtner, PMP
Featuring Co-Author Terry Doerscher

From the Book

2008 PMO 2.0 Survey Report (PDF: 4.4 MB)
(Ref. Chapter 3, Page 27; Chapter 16, Page 270)

White Paper: How-to Guide: Developing an Integrated Work Prioritization Process (PDF: 433 KB)
(Ref. Chapter 14; Page 241)

Figure 17-4: Portfolio Process Map (large) (VSD: 305 KB)
Figure 17-4: Portfolio Process Map (large)
(PNG: 269 KB)
Figure 17-4: Portfolio Process Map (small) (VSD: 225 KB)
Figure 17-4: Portfolio Process Map (small) (PNG: 128 KB)
(Ref. Chapter 17, Page 301)

Video Insights

Join co-authors Pat Durbin and Terry Doerscher for a series of deep-dive sessions reviewing key concepts and practices discussed in their book, Taming Change with Portfolio Management. To maximize value from these video insights, each session has been assigned recommended chapter readings, suggested to be completed prior to participation.

Session 1
Change is Constant: Handle It as a Matter of Policy (23:03)
Recommended Readings: Chapters 1, 4 and 6

Session 2
Sharpen Your Strategies with Operational Planning (13:26)
Recommended Readings: Chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10

Whiteboard Sessions

Join co-author of Taming Change with Portfolio Management, Terry Doerscher, in a series of short, informational whiteboard sessions which dig deeper into some of the core concepts and strategies discussed within the book.  During these quick and casual videos, Terry will further illustrate these key concepts and provide more in depth details on how they can be applied to drive greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Session 1
Establishing A Single Common Prioritization Model (4:05)